Ural State University of Economics is involved in the Conference of University of Rome Sapienza

The Europe and Mediterranean regions have experienced rapid market environmental changes over recent years. The challenges and threats to academics, practitioners, researchers and governments of the region often have distinct differences to those experienced in other geographic areas in the world. The EuroMed Research Business Institute (EMRBI) aims to contribute to and share the understanding of different business environments and trends in the region through research, teaching and consulting.It also seeks to provide an updated overview of the emerging business practices and stimulate and nourish dialogue in the countries of the region and neighboring countries.

EMRBI is undertaking research and scholarly activities, while offering also a range of business-related professional services, both through its own resources and/or through associated organisations and individuals. EMRBI pursues funded and sponsored research from a wide scope of sources and aims to add value to local and international knowledge, but also to international collaboration and peace.
The EuroMed Academy of Business annual conference is one of the major Business Management conferences in the EuroMed region (European and Mediterranean), in terms of size, quality of content, and standing reputation of attendees. Many of the papers presented contribute significantly to the business knowledge base. The main goal of the Conference is to create a friendly and approachable academy and environment, a strong network, whereby its members (including senior worldwide scholars, faculty members, doctorate students, researchers and business practitioners) are guiding and mentoring each other. To do that, the Conference assists participants to network and publish their valuable work (Publication Opportunities, Authors’ Networking and Collaboration Workshop and Meet the Editors Session). The participants also form specialised teams getting involved in EU project funding.

In 2017 10th Annual EUROMED Academy of Business Conference « Global and National Business Theories and Practice: Bridging the Past with the Future» was in University of Rome Sapienza, Rome, Italy, September 13-15, 2017.
In the conference Victor Kovalev, a head of Department of Foreign Economic Activity in Ural State University of Economics (USUE), participated and presented the results of USUE research paper «TRADE EFFECTS OF ECONOMIC INTEGRATION IN EMERGING MARKET OF THE EURASIAN ECONOMIC UNION» (Kovalev, Victor; Falchenko, Oksana; Vyazovskaya, Veronika; Maydanik, Vera).

Ковалев Виктор Евгеньевич kovalve


In the conference of University of Rome Sapienza participated more than 100 reseachers from more than 30 countries (Greece, Portugal, Italy, United States of America, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Cyprus, Australia, Luxembourg, Germany, Israel, Indonesia, China, Japan and others).

The conference has become an excellent opportunity to discuss the results of scientific research conducted by the Department of Foreign Economic Activity of the Ural State University of Economics with colleagues from other universities, to establish new contacts with researchers from many countries of the world.